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About Games Monitor

Games Monitor is a network of people raising awareness about issues within the London Olympic development processes.

We want to highlight the local, London and international implications of the Olympic industry. We seek to deconstruct the 'fantastic' hype of Olympic boosterism and the eager complicity of the 'urban elites' in politics, business, the media, sport, academia and local institutional 'community stakeholders'.

Our network operates with an open, dynamic principle, and functions as a discussion forum, research body, press and political lobby. Our website provides a hub for publication, information exchange and solidarity networking. We are also a contact point for local, minority, and specialist interviewees for press and broadcast media.

'Among the tasks of a politics of morality [is] to work incessantly toward unveiling hidden differences between official theory and actual progress, between the limelight and the backrooms of political life.'

Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002)

"It appears that the very process of development, even as it transforms a wasteland into a thriving physical and social space, recreates the wasteland inside the developer himself. This is how the tragedy of development works."

Marshall Berman
From: All That is Solid Melts into Air, the experience of modernity. 1982