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Air pollution - Beijing sees 'pleasant irony' in London's discomfort

London is being advised by Frank Kelly, professor and director of the King's College London (KCL) Environmental Research Group, to learn from Beijing's example and restrict traffic during the Olympics to combat air pollution. This is making Beijing feel rather smug, especially as the same Professor Kelly was amongst those raising concerns about air pollution there back in 2008.

London is already in trouble with the EU over its failure to tackle poor air quality. The ODA, which has continually trumpeted its own green credentials, has contributed to this failure with its refusal to fit non road mobile machinery (NRMM) with exhaust after treatment.

The China Daily is upfront about its delight at seeing the London pot being called black: 'Those who remember what China - especially Beijing - was made to go through during the run-up to the Games would call this a pleasant irony.'

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