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BBC wrecks iconic legacy!

Can you credit it? Local MPs and Council leaders are accusing the BBC of undermining the Olympic organisers’ bid to revitalise East London and produce a lasting legacy by refusing to include the Olympic stadium on the Eastenders' map. Among the huffy MPs is Lyn Brown, who said: ‘The more people who know exactly where the stadium is, and how well it is connected to the rest of London, the better.’

She told Clays Lane residents she would come and visit when they were arguing with the LDA over their relocation. Maybe that is why she is so keen now on the Olympic site being included in the map. She could have done with some directions. She didn't make it. Of course, that didn't prevent her from telling her local Labour party members that she had.

Others who failed to visit after promising to do so were Coe and Wales, both of whom promised to turn up. Wales has written to the BBC Director General: ‘I trust that you will help ensure that the Olympic Stadium and other iconic symbols of regeneration are put firmly – and rightly – on the map.’

A while after promising to visit he called Clays Lane tenants who actually lived on the Olympic Park 'peasants'. Maybe that's what he thinks of other real Eastenders. How iconic!

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