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2012 Tourism catastrophe gathers pace

The 2012 Olympics catastrophe threatening London's tourism industry is growing apace.

Mario Bodini of Uk Inbound and JAC Travel is warning: ‘Currently, for 2012, we are projecting increased bookings in places like Paris and Amsterdam and a decline in London.’

He says ‘The hotel industry needs to appreciate that excessively high prices during the Games will scare people off not just for the period of the Games but for the whole of the season.'

European Tour Operators Association's Tom Jenkins backs up these warnings. 'We have a downturn in demand running into an upsurge in pricing. This is a fearsome combination: hundreds of thousands of visitors dissuaded, just tens of thousands attracted.

‘Research carried out by ETOA forecasts a 50% decline in business for 2012 if current market conditions persist.

‘A market correction will surely take place, but it is already too late for those long-haul visitors who buy from tour operators, and who use London as a gateway for visits to the rest of the UK.’

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