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Canford Bottom 'lied to, ignored, humiliated, run over roughshod'

A local road improvement scheme at Wimborne in Dorset which was to have been delayed while an impact study was carried out following protests will now go ahead because the Government has belatedly admitted it is key to the Olympics Route Network.

MP Annette Brooke said: “I am angry and upset, particularly since the Highways Agency (HA) refused to attend this meeting. We were assured this scheme had nothing to do with the Olympics network, but now, in a letter received today it is crystal clear.”

A letter received from Mike Penning MP, Under Secretary of State provided the confirmation: “I have to bear in mind the risk to the Olympic Route Network should this scheme be delayed. I am therefore content to allow the contract for this scheme to be awarded.”

One local businessman summed up what had happened: “This is a draconian punch in the face and undemocratic. We have been lied to, ignored, humiliated and finally run rough shod over.”

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