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Ai Weiwei: No joy from Olympics in Beijing

Ai Weiwei, designer of the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, says 'None of my art represents Beijing. The Bird's Nest – I never think about it. After the Olympics, the common folks don't talk about it because the Olympics did not bring joy to the people.'

Amnesty has criticised the repression which has followed the 2008 Olympics. Of his recent detention Ai Weiwei said 'The worst thing about Beijing is that you can never trust the judicial system. My ordeal made me understand that on this fabric, there are many hidden spots where they put people without identity. Only your family is crying out that you're missing. But you can't get answers from the street communities or officials, or even at the highest levels, the court or the police or the head of the nation.'

Ai Weiwei also criticises the treatment of migrant workers, 'Beijing's slaves', who suffered eviction in the run up to the Olympics and who 'squat in illegal structures, which Beijing destroys as it keeps expanding'.

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