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Is nothing sacred? Beano joins the 2012 beanfeast

Shock! Horror! Wenlock and Mandeville can't swim! Plainly for health and safety reasons they can't be allowed near the Aquatic Centre so instead Locog has come up with the wizard wheeze of giving them free swimming lessons in the Beano. LoCoe claimed 'This is a creative way to engage children in the Olympic and Paralympic values'.

Talking about those values, back in July BoJo swam into a little storm when it was found that some schools were being charged £850 for a visit by the non-swimming athletic mascots. An earlier catastrophe was avoided when a film featuring the accident prone dummies had to be withdrawn because it was feared it might trigger epileptic fits.

Let's hope Beano readers aren't put off learning to swim by the disastrous duo drowning!

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