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CPO documents? Fox TV - you can talk to my lawyers!

I must have done a hundred interviews about Clays Lane, the compulsory purchase order and being evicted/relocated by the LDA. So far no-one has ever asked me for proof that this happened. Until yesterday, when I got an email from a freelancer who had done an interview with me for Fox TV. Who? Yes, I know! Anyway Fox's legal department had told her to ask me for documentary proof of my 'dehousing'! I had no idea what sort of document I could provide and had little desire to go digging around for paperwork anyway. By some fluke I happened to be checking the internet to see if there was some 'evidence' I could send when I lighted on precisely the page on the website of our lawyers, Irwin Mitchell, which referred to our judicial review at the High Court. Someone works in mysterious ways! A dream come true. To be able to tell someone, Fox of all people, 'talk to my lawyers'!

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