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This might be a very small, very local Olympics legacy story...

At the end of July 2012 residents of Wick Village rallied to oppose ODA plans for the construction of a new bridge to cross the canal from Gainsborough School. The original bridge had been just for the use of children to get to their playing field on the opposite side of the canal at Arena Fields, a beautiful green space enjoyed by local residents which was destroyed to make way for the Media Centre. The new bridge, however, would include a ramp to allow for possible future public access to the bridge which would take away 30% of residents' communal space and leave the rest unusable. It also meant there was a danger their estate would become a through route for people trying to reach the Media Centre. Residents thought they had succeeded in defeating the plans when the ODA (not Hackney!) turned down the proposal.

However, things have followed a familiar pattern where the Olympics are concerned. After the latest meeting to discuss the revised plans one of the original objectors, Dee Dee O'Connell, tweeted:

'they're doing almost exactly the same thing as last time. Possibly worse.'

Back in July Dave Hill commented:

'This might be a very small, very local Olympics legacy story, but, whatever has gone before, the authorities should do all in their power to bring about an ending to it that leaves local people as happy as possible. That, after all, is what legacy is meant to do, and not only in Wick Village.'

Given the treatment of other small local communities like those at neighbouring Leabank Square, Leyton Marsh, Wanstead Flats and Clays Lane that may always have been a vain hope.

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