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The Olympic stadium - it's all Crystal clear

While they are trying to figure out what to do with their East London white elephant in Stratford the LLDC has 'ambitious' plans to get its hands on the summer athletics grand prix, usually held at that other place in South London, er Crystal Palace? So that's a two for the price of one legacy of white elephants then?

Then there is the 'exciting opportunity' to create another stadium type music venue in Stratford to compete with the Dome, Wembley, Hyde Park, QPR and heaven knows where else.

And of course there's football, still dragging its feet in the background. Remember Tessa Jowell saying back in 2009: "We don't need another football stadium, we have got Wembley"? How true! And of course, for athletics, Crystal Palace!

Back then the legacy was supposed to be guaranteed by the English Institute of Sport and the National Skills Academy for Sport and Leisure which we were told would be taking over the stadium. This was described as a "concentration of sporting organisations promoting excellence" which Jowell said would provide a "fantastic legacy" for the stadium. Who remembers them now?

Yes, it really was pretty fantastic.

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