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BOA constrictor Coe

Revenge is a dish best served cold and companion of dishonour Coe is enjoying his repast. His arrival at the BOA has ‘coincided’ with the departures of Chairman Colin Moynihan, who left a year early, the former commercial director, Hugh Chambers, and the director of sport, Sir Clive Woodward, who noted the organisation was taking a ‘new direction’.

Now Chief Executive Andy Hunt is moving on as well. Hunt, along with Moynihan, was excluded from the London 2012 Board, headed by Coe, at the height of the Olympic funding row between LOCOG and the BOA. The Guardian tries to counter the obvious conclusion that Hunt is being pushed out by reporting ‘BOA insiders said it was not the case that Hunt had been forced out’! Hunt, in another rather more revealing report by insidethegames, puts an entirely different spin on things. Sport he concluded is "a much more emotional business" than other commercial sectors. It is "far more political than any other business, or even politics. I think sport is the most political environment I have ever come across."

For 'political' read 'Coestricted'.

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