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Hackney Marshes – Public Consultation

I am writing to let you know that the Council is planning to launch a public consultation on a proposal to apply for PINS consent to hold major public events on Hackney Marshes between 1st May and 31st August each year.

The Council is proposing to seek permission for a period of five years to provide the opportunity for a programme of viable events to be delivered, but also enabling regular review and amendments to this programme. The Council is not applying for consent for the events themselves at this stage and recognises and respects that Hackney Marsh is common land and has significant value for the borough’s residents as well as ecological and environmental value, designations and habitats. All of this needs to be balanced and protected as part of the Council’s approach to delivering events on the Marsh. The purpose of the consultation is therefore to gauge public response and note any concerns from stakeholders, which will inform our formal application. Once our application has been received there will be a formal period of statutory consultation.

Our consultation will launch on Tuesday 26th February, when further information will be available, and will run for eight weeks, during which time we will hold meetings with key stakeholders to ensure that all views are captured, as well as drop in events for the general public. We will be in touch shortly to arrange a meeting or conversation with you, should you wish to contribute to the consultation. In the meantime, I am writing to ensure you have proper notification of the consultation.

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