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Problem with attrition? Try communities and engagement glue

More Olympic mumbo jumbo, this time about London 2012's recruitment legacy. Pats on the back for LOCOG’s head of recruitment, Paul Modley, for keeping his team of employees motivated, despite the fact that they knew their jobs would end when the Olympics finished. Huh? Is this a problem unique to the Olympics? Don’t lots of projects come to an end and everyone knows they’ll have to look for another job?

Well, anyway, this was yet another of these conferences at which LOCOG superheroes were descending from Mount Olympus to pass on their ‘once in a lifetime’ wisdom and I guess he had to say something! Paul told the assembled recruiters: “Historically in the run-up to the Games, there had been a high degree of attrition.” This was beginning to sound like trench warfare. “The big thing was the cliff edge at the end" - the Olympics version of the fiscal cliff? Horror of horrors! “We knew we couldn’t just rely on the brand and the Olympic rings.” What! Not even the fellowship of the rings?

But Paul had an answer to the ‘cliff edge at the end…’: “The glue really to pull this all together was communities and engagement…” Uh? Communities? What does that mean? What communities? He went on in LOCOGlish: “despite having one of the best brands to work with, we still had to communicate with our people right the way through.” Ah, so that’s what the best brands do for you! You don’t have to keep on communicating with your people – right the way through.

Now if it had been real communities like Clays Lane, Leyton Marsh, Leabank Square, Manor Gardens Allotments, the Travellers…..

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