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The Deferential Olympics

One family seems to be doing nicely out of the Olympics. Mrs Windsor's nephew made a profit out of selling Jubilee and Olympics commemorative items at £3,900 a throw. Mrs Windsor herself was awarded an Honorary BAFTA and was ludicrously described as the 'most memorable Bond girl yet'. The Olympic Park is, of course, named after a famous ship, the QEII. A further example of this interminable sycophancy is the renaming of another local park, Marsh Lane Fields, where the Manor Gardens Allotments were forcibly relocated, as the instantly forgettable Leyton Jubilee Park.

Anyway it seems the people at BAFTA aren't entirely sure that Ms Windsor is the last thing in Bond Girls, given the slightly ambivalent 'yet' tagged on to their award. Perhaps they are hedging their bets in case another Alexandra Kollontai turns up to take centre stage...

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