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the wrong kind of snow

In an earlier post today I took poor Emily Dugan to task for her churnalistic efforts, pointing to the datasets on the London 2012 budget published by the Guardian. In fairness it can't be that easy to dig out the truth from the smorgasbord of possible truths laid before us. Controversial enough is the widespread popular belief - not just amongst journalists - that the budget remains around £9billion. OK, factor in the externalities and news sources such as Sky could have us believe that including the hidden costs the real budget can easily have been as much as £24billion. Who knows?
For example amongst a whole slew of reports published today, one can read in one, a joint UK Government and Mayor of London report[PDF] no less, in the section Regeneration of East London

The significant investment and infrastructure development in and around the Olympic Park in preparation for the Games has accelerated a process of regeneration in East London that began some 30 years ago with the development of London’s Docklands...
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With around £6.5 billion invested in transport infrastructure for the Games, the physical transport legacy in East London has been significant. Stratford is now one of the best-connected transport hubs in the country, supporting the local population to access more employment and training opportunities. Upgrades of the Tube, Docklands Light Railway and London Overground infrastructures have been made to increase capacity, frequency and reliability...

Now if I understand correctly, then that "physical transport legacy" has been achieved with £6.5billion which doesn't appear in the 'official' mainstream media friendly version of the budget. How does it all add up?

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