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Coca Cola workers - strike report

Just a few miles up the Lea Valley in Edmonton, Olympics TOP partners (ie top level sponsors) have a factory. This report of the current strike is reposted from Harringey Solidarity Network

Coca-cola workers - strike report

The workers at Coca-Cola Enterprises Edmonton bottling plant came out on strike today (Wed 15 Sep), after a one-week delay for a fruitless visit to the ACAS government department. It was a noisy picket with around 35 workers present, one half outside the factory the other under the flyover opposite. There were flags aplenty and placards too - "Coke - the real sting".

The workers are divided into four shifts: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, on a rotating basis for three weeks, then eight days off. The union is Unite, and there are shift representatives and a senior Steward - Alan McCarthy. Conditions have steadily worsened - a crap pension scheme now for example. Workers have been repeatedly made redundant. The pay offer is an absurd 2 per cent.

Planned strike dates are: Thursday 16th September, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd September 2010, and Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th September 2010, after which the action will be intensified.

Next action is tomorrow, Thurs 16th September, 3pm to 6pm. Try to get to Nobel Road, just off the roundabout on Meridian Way, north of Tescos. Not far from the now demolished Visteon site You'll be among friends if you can make it.

Report by Alan Woodward of Haringey Trades Council

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