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Indian Olympians call for Dow 2012 Boycott

Former Indian Olympics hockey players have demanded that Locog withdraw from the deal with Dow Chemicals to provide the wrap around the main stadium. A number of players came from Bhopal and were witnesses to the event or had relatives who died in the mass poisoning. If Lowcog refuses they will call for a boycott of the London Games. Former hockey star Amer Sher Khan said: 'We will ask the government to boycott the games if the LOCOG carries out the deal despite being conveyed the message in this regard.'

Rachna Dhingra of The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal said: 'We have a message for Seb Coe: "surely, it’s possible to do the Olympics without taking money from this company?" By dealing with a corporation like Dow, which has the blood of Bhopal on its hands, the reputation of the London Games and its legacy will be tarnished.'

They are particularly offended by Coe as his grandmother came from India. The campaign has written to the Indian Prime Minister and wants him to protest to David Cameron.

'They have a PR machine working for them day and night. They can pretty much get away with anything. They’re so powerful and have so much money. They hire the most expensive lawyers in this country and they dangle the carrot of investment in India. Children are still being born with all sorts of disabilities and water is still contaminated with toxic waste, and yet this corporation continues to make profits every day. Dow took over Union Carbide’s liabilities in the US but not in India. They have a completely double standard.'

Coe has not responded while Dow said: 'Although Dow never owned nor operated the plant, we, along with the rest of industry, have learnt from this tragic event and tried to do all we can to assure that similar incidents never happen again.'

But not enough to properly compensate the victims or clear the site.

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