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Dirty Lying Railway Extension

Yet again the Olympics claims as a legacy a project which had been under consideration years before the Games were even thought of. Conniving in this deceit the BBC describes the new DLR connection between Canning Town and Stratford International as a 'new £211m DLR extension connecting Olympic Venues'. BoJo and the ODA's Hugh Sumner are then given the opportunity to claim it as a legacy.

BoJo declared: "This expansion of the DLR is a further demonstration of the improvements that the London 2012 Games are making to our city.

"This work will be of permanent benefit for Londoners and all those travelling in the capital from here on in.

"It's fantastic news and another example of London's lasting legacy of playing host to such a momentous event."

Director of transport for the Olympic Delivery Authority, Hugh Sumner, said: "The opening of the new DLR extension is the last piece in the jigsaw for major upgrades and improvements to networks serving the Olympic Park.

"We have worked closely with TfL to fund and deliver a much-improved service which will leave east London better connected after the Games."

As a corrective to this Disgraceful Lying Rubbish it is instructive to read a briefing paper from the House of Commons Library, which is attached, setting out the history of the development of this project dating back to 1998.

This is the relevant section:

'2.4 Stratford International

Following the Horizon Study report in 1998, the then DETR instructed DLR to undertake studies of the feasibility of an extension serving the proposed Stratford International Station for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL). These are outlined on the TfL website:

In December 1998, DLR Ltd commissioned Maunsell Ltd to establish the optimum route and prepare outline engineering designs for the proposed extension of the DLR to Stratford International and to allow for possible future extensions, taking into account engineering, timescale and financial factors.

In June 2002 DLR initiated a review of previous demand modelling and appraisal work for the extension. The work incorporated the latest views and strategic thoughts emerging about development on both the Railway Lands (a large scale mixed use development planned between Stratford station and the planned Stratford International station) and the Arc of Opportunity corridor (an identified regeneration zone which runs from Stratford to Canning Town).

In late 2003, DLR and the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) commissioned a joint study to review options for the future operation of the North London line. In July 2004 DLR received the Government's support to pursue plans for the conversion of the North London line between Canning Town and Stratford.'

Just to clarify the substance of the Horizon Study report in 1998, see 1.1.2 of the 2020 "Horizon Study":

'The previous "Horizon Report" 1998 evaluated possible DLR extensions to the railway over a ten year period which were feasible, viable in financial and economic terms and implementable. The study recommended three schemes, namely:

• an extension to London City Airport;

• conversion of the North London line between Canning Town and Stratford;

• an extension of the City Airport line to Woolwich Arsenal.'

Just in case anyone missed the clearly defined project proposed in the 1998 Horizon study:

'The study recommended...conversion of the North London line between Canning Town and Stratford.'

Added to that in 1998 was the extension to Stratford International.

Of course Bojo, the ODA, the BBC all know this perfectly well. They just DLR to mention it.

House of Commons Library - briefing paper DLR SN00415-4.pdf107.93 KB

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