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hard a-port!

What a difference a day makes! (The bulk of) those tickets won't be flying transatlantic no more; they'll now be shipped instead as, since Meredith Alexander's high-profile resignation, that 'Commission for a Sustainable London 2012' seems to have been stirred, if not actually shaken, into action.

But McCarthy said there still major challenges, including understanding how the huge electrical demands from international broadcasters will impact on Locog's 20 per cent target.
"Having failed to deliver 20 per cent of the electricity for the Games from renewable resources, Locog undertook in early 2011 to deliver equivalent savings through energy conservation," he said.
"Although there is evidence of some initiatives, Locog does not have an overall energy conservation strategy and this needs to be addressed urgently.
"The new target is to save the equivalent amount of carbon by reducing overall energy demand, but Locog does not currently have a comprehensive energy conservation strategy in place to demonstrate how they will achieve this.”
Other concerns are...

(We're left to hope that the paper for printing said 16 tons of tickets will have been sourced from sustainable forests in Arkansas.)

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