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shifting sands?

Silicon Hackney: The (r)evolution of Hackney Wick: Screenshot from Wed 03 Apr 2013 22:52:53 BSTSilicon Hackney: The (r)evolution of Hackney Wick: Screenshot from Wed 03 Apr 2013 22:52:53 BST

Silicon Hackney in a joint enterprise with Space Studios planned a free gig in the White Building, originally for a date in February, booking on Eventbrite, then subsequently postponed until Thursday 4th April, billed as:

Presenters include: Richard Gibbs, from iCity; Will Teasdale, Hackney Council and others.

Until today that billing remained unchanged, but now it transpires that it will be a little less formal. According to announcements from both Silicon Hackney and [ space ]:

We've decided on a slight change of plan for this Thursday's event. We've decided to keep it an informal get together in the Crate Brewery, for like minded indvividuals, start ups, and techies to get together to talk about recent changes in the area. There will be some free beer for those who arrive early. Starting at 7 PM tomorrow.
There is no need to print tickets!!! Just show up.

Of course, we were always only going for that free beer.

Update, 5/4/2013
In the end it turned out there was a table full of free (Crate) beer - Golden, Best and IPA - but no-shows from LBH's Will Teasdale and iCity's Richard Gibbs. According to organiser Christian Ahlert, Gibbs had emailed apologies in the morning on the day. Regrettably, much lower turnout compared to past Silicon Hackney events too, whatever that might mean.

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