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Destruction of Mount Gariwang Forest for Pyeongchang2018 Winter Olympics

More destruction at Mount GariwangDestruction of forest at Mount Gariwang

After a brief respite when it seemed the South Korean Government was going to take the concerns of environmentalists seriously Pyeongchang2018 has brought about the destruction of one of the most precious ecological resources on the Korean peninsula as part of the forest is cut down to make way for the downhill ski slopes. The IOC, which claims that the environment is its Third Dimension, FIS-SKI and the South Korean authorities paid no attention to suggested alternatives and went ahead with cutting down the protected woodland, protected that is until the Olympics turned up. Protesters attempted to prevent the destruction but, as happens the world over with the Olympics, the destruction went ahead regardless. Pictures of the destruction have been posted by campaigners and by Green Korea and OhMyNews.

Protesters try to save trees at Mount GariwangProtesters try to save trees at Mount Gariwang

Section of forest is destroyedSection of forest is destroyed

destruction at Mount Gariwangdestruction at Mount Gariwang

Protesters lie on treesProtesters lie on trees

What's more precious?What's more precious?

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