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Videos from No Eviction for Olympics protest - Tokyo 2020

Two videos from No Eviction for Olympics protest against the eviction of homeless people for Tokyo2020. On January 27th 2016 the contstrucion company tried to seal off Meiji Park, Tokyo, where homeless people have been living, in some cases for years, and where the Olympic stadium is to be constructed. The company, JSC, also tried to cut off water for the homeless people. A protest by the homeless and their supporters succeeded in preventing this. The matter is being heard in court.

In the first video one of the homeless people describes living in the Park and finding security with friends there. The construction company had said it would discuss what would happen to the homeless people before starting construction but then broke its promise and started sealing off the park without consultation. A nearby block of flats housing elderly people is also to be demolished for Tokyo2020.

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