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Still no jobs legacy from the London2012 Olympics

Two years ago I asked the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) for the number of people who were working in the Olympic Park. On that occasion it replied:

Since April 2012, when the LLDC came into existence, 770 non-construction jobs were created consisting of 452 in Park operations and venues and 318 in other associated and varied roles. Additionally, 222 are currently employed at Here East

This made a total of 992

I decided to get an update on progress since then. Interestingly the LLDC seems to have given up collecting figures for the numbers of people employed in the Olympic Park and the figures it did provide in a response dated 1st May 2018 were from April and June of 2017.

The LLDC was unable to provide figures for Here East or for the venues under the control of the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), the VeloPark and the Tennis and Hockey Centre.

Regarding those working in the Park and at venues the LLDC said:

This information is not current and the GLL figure is across both LAC and the Copper Box. The Legacy Corporation does not hold information on the employment figures for the venues that are within the responsibility of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

Two years ago it didn’t make this distinction.

The figures it did provide were as follows:

I can confirm that the Legacy Corporation holds some information on total workforce, but only in for relation to the venues in the Park and the development sites that we are responsible for, as below:

Estate Facilities Management – 228 people (June 2017)
• Copper Box & London Aquatics Centre (combined GLL workforce in full time & casual roles) – 205 people (April 2017)
• Timber Lodge – 14 people (April 2017)
• Stadium (LS185 permanent staff) – 33 people

That makes a total of 470 people employed in the Olympic Park. Given that the figure provided in 2016 for ‘Park operations and venues and in other associated and varied roles’ presumably included those working at the LVRPA’s venues came to a total of 770, as opposed to the new more limited total of 470, it seems this workforce is more or less settled and has possibly declined.

The LLDC did not say why it was not collecting figures of those employed in the LVRPA section of the Olympic Park.

The LLDC went on to say regarding Here East:

The Legacy Corporation do not hold the information you have requested in relation to whether the Infinity data centre that is based within Here East is operational or how many people it employs.

So the LLDC does not know if the Infinity data centre is working! It seems it isn’t.

In fact, the LLDC failed to provide any figures for the numbers employed at Here East.

Two years ago it said 222 people were employed there. It offered no explanation as to why it was unable to provide an update on that figure, but its failure to do so suggests nothing much has changed as otherwise I am sure it would want to make the most of any improvement.

Not only does the LLDC not know how many people are working at Here East or whether the data centre at Here East is operational, it wasn’t even prepared to provide a list of organisations currently present at Here East and simply referred me to the Here East website. All it would say on this was:

The different organisations present at Here East is available on their website:

Originally Here East was supposed to create 7,500 jobs, with 5,300 on site. So, on the basis that it is still only providing somewhere in the region of 222 jobs it is some 5,000 jobs short of the target on site. No information is available as to how many jobs, if any, it has provided off site.

It is almost as if the LLDC doesn’t want to know, maybe because the figures are so depressing that ignorance is preferable to knowledge!

So the figure of 992 people working in the Olympic Park in 2016 seems to be pretty much the same two years on in 2018.

The LLDC did also include some construction workers at Chobham Manor, but my interest is in the permanent workforce.

Before the Olympics in excess of 5,000 people were working in the area now known as the Olympic Park. The precise number is unknown. Just under 5,000 people were employed by companies compensated under the Olympics compulsory purchase order. However, this figure did not include companies whose leases were expiring as no compensation was paid to those companies. In addition, the industrial lands were occupied by a number of informal organisations. The businesses being removed estimated the number of people working on the site at around 11,000. Given that the number of people employed in the area of the Park before the Olympics was over 5,000 but maybe not as great as 11,000 the LLDC has a long way to go to replace these jobs, done, for the most part, by local people.

Meanwhile Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and the LLDC continue to make absurd and unjustified claims about jobs in East London, as if they had something to do with the Olympics whereas in reality they are just claiming any jobs in the area as an Olympic Legacy!

So nothing new there then!

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