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Security! Security! Security!

6.30am, Thursday 10th May, Park Village tower blocks, Metropolitan Police officers and the SAS wake up neighbouring residents and Travellers with a paramilitary exercise using high explosive stun grenades which shake nearby housing at Clays Lane estate and on the Travellers site. No warning was provided to residents and Travellers, although the housing staff at CBHA were told. LODA (the LDA and ODA) must have given permission for this exercise but also failed to provide any warning. Residents have since been told these exercises have been going on for a while without anyone outside a small clique being told. So the authorities have been practising anti-terrorist operations on an inner city estate for an undisclosed period! A further eye-opener for the public as to the meaning of the Olympic project.

Security will be one of the key issues at the Olympics. This is just a taste of what is to come and objections will be treated with disdain, after all 'It's the Olympics!' As the security apparatus swings into action so civil rights will suffer. By the time we get to 2012 checkpoints and a high profile security presence in the capital, especially East London, will be the order of the day. VIPs will receive top class protection and special lanes will be sealed off to provide easy access for those who matter with expensive fines for those who wander into their pathways.

On this occasion when a photographer took pictures of this event he was threatened with arrest under the Official Secrets Act. Once before when film makers used a piece of open space reserved for Clays Lane residents (known to us as the sheep's pen) security guards on the Eastway demanded to see the film and the director had to make a speedy exit. They had been watching the filming from their vehicle parked nearby for about an hour before making their move. Even at midnight on New Year's Eve, when some residents went on to the small hill on the Cycle Track next to the Clays Lane estate to look at the fireworks around London for the last time, security guards turned up and insisted they had to leave the site.

Get ready and get used to it!

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