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London: The Inclusive Olympiad

The security fence © Mike Wells: .The security fence © Mike Wells: .
“...the Olympic Park, venues and infrastructure for the London 2012 Games will be the most inclusive and accessible to date. The ODA has published its Inclusive Design Strategy which sets out the framework for how the Olympic Park will be designed and constructed to be inclusive for people of all cultures, faiths and ages, and accessible to disabled people.”

From: The Olympic Delivery Authority

The aesthetically pleasing wire and mesh 5,000 volt electric security fence must be part of that inclusive design. Also adding to the feeling of inclusiveness there will be guards with attack dogs, facial recognition and finger print technology. A computerized monitoring system is planned to integrate all of London's CCTV cameras. A scheme to search people and vehicles will include machines capable of looking through clothing. While in the air the RAF will deploy its Reaper pilotless drone aircraft, which will carry laser-guided bombs and missiles including the Hellfire air-to-ground weapon as used against Taliban forces in Afghanistan. And on the Thames, the Royal Navy will deploy its new £1 billion Daring class of Type 45 destroyer. These are fitted with missile systems able to shoot down a target the size of a cricket ball.

London 2012 is beginning to look less like a party and more like a military garrison.

Mike Wells

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