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Human Rights

WikiLeaks Cables Anticipate Human Rights Violations in Lead-Up to Rio Olympics

by Bob Quellos

The ever-increasing trove of US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks is shedding light on the realities the people of Rio de Janeiro will be facing as that city prepares to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The released cables focus mainly on Rio de Janeiro's Orwellian-named "Favela Pacification Program," run by Rio's Peacemaker Police Units known as UPP, and discuss the possibility of human rights violations in the run-up to the 2016 Olympics.

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The Olympics, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Podium Conference 2011: Panel at the Podium Conference Countdown to the Games February 2011.  Copyright ©2011 sytaffelPodium Conference 2011: Copyright ©2011 sytaffel

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Rio: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!

Report from RioOnWatch about evictions for the World Cup and Olympics. 4th November 2010. This week residents of Favela do Metro, close to Maracana football stadium, awoke to the arrival of removalists and demolition crews from the Prefeitura of Rio de Janeiro, who had come to evict them from homes. By today, at least two dozen homes have been cleared, their windows and roofs smashed in and the process ground inexorably on.

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SebCo needs a living wage!

Remember that compact between TELCO and the London Olympic Committee in November 2004 when the Olympic Committee promised to pay the living wage? The one that was abandoned by the ODA in September 2006? And which the ODA said it 'would ask' its contractors to keep in March 2007? Which one in five workers then said in October 2010 they were not being paid?

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'A wee person' to be evicted for Glasgow Games

‘Just a person in a wee flat’ Margaret Jaconelli, the last person left living on the site of the Athletes’ Village for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, has been told she will be evicted. She protests that she has been offered totally inadequate compensation for the compulsory purchase of her flat and will be unable to buy a replacement property.

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Human Rights at Mega Events - Sport's shameful silence

How dare they stick athletes in sub-standard accommodation! I don't think I have heard any of the various sports bodies or sportsmen or women at present criticising the Delhi Games organisers express any concern for the 100,000 or so people evicted to make way for the facilities, the street vendors prevented from making a living, the underpaid and mistreated workers who have slaved to build the stadiums or the beggars forced to move out of the city because of the Games.

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Delhi Commonwealth Blame Games

Looking at some recent stories in the Indian news media about the construction of the Commonwealth Games facilities it is apparent that the 'same old same old' influences of privatisation, poor institutional oversight, greed, corruption and the brutal exploitation of the vulnerable poor labouring on the project have been clearly highlighted for some time.

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