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Human Rights

London: The Inclusive Olympiad

The security fence © Mike Wells: .The security fence © Mike Wells: .
“...the Olympic Park, venues and infrastructure for the London 2012 Games will be the most inclusive and accessible to date.

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Construction Workers demonstrate for legal and fair working conditions at Olympic site

Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Photo © Martin Slavin

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LDA's Destruction of Century Old Evicted Allotment Community


After belated planning permission was finally acquired, £1.3M hurriedly spent on building temporary plots, the ravaged Manor Gardening Society (MGS) had earth under their feet again. Perhaps the hope that bursts through with the first broad bean shoots would begin to heal the wounds.

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Going higher on security

"There are still discussions about moving one venue or another,'' Oswald said. "How can you plan your security or your transport if you are not sure where the competition is going to take place?"

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Video of housing evictions for 1988 Seoul Olympics

The 720,000 people evicted from cheap housing for the 1988 Seoul Olympics seem long ago and far away. However the evictions are remembered for their scale and brutality.

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Who paid the price for the parade of ‘heroes’?

The Roman elite knew something about wooing the public with games and parades and their example has its modern imitators. Now that the Olympic ‘heroes’ have had their parade and the politicians have done their best to bask in their reflected ‘glory’ perhaps we can remember the cost of this spectacle to a population greater than that of Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city. The Beijing Olympics were the most destructive on record. According to the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions' Beijing report they resulted in the removal of one and a half million Chinese. While other human rights issues have been reported in the media this particular outrage passed almost unremarked by politicians, journalists and sports commentators alike during the Games.

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Myths of Olympic Proportions - John Hoberman

John Hoberman is a professor and chair of Germanic studies at the University of Texas at Austin and author of “The Olympic Crisis: Sport, Politics and the Moral Order".

The Olympic Games were founded to bridge cultural divides and promote peace. Instead, they often mask human rights abuses, do little to spur political change, and lend legitimacy to unsavory governments.

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Let the Bejing Olympics of Global Re-branding and Marketing begin!

Let the Bejing Olympics of Global Re-branding and Marketing begin!

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