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Human Rights

COHRE names the 2007 winners of its Violator, Protector and Defender Housing Rights Awards

Roma in Jakubovany, SlovakiaRoma in Jakubovany, Slovakia

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Pensioners protest Olympic levy

A group of pensioners who are refusing to pay the Olympic Games levy placed on their council tax have taken their protest to Parliament. The south-east London pensioners handed in a petition with more than 8,000 signatures demanding the weekly 38p is paid by everyone, not just Londoners.

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The game of winning the Games

The current obsession with winning the right to host sporting events has resulted in the 2014 Commonwealth Games being awarded to Glasgow. The news was greeted by the media with unalloyed joy. Politicians from all sides hugged one another, athletes proclaimed this as yet another opportunity for aspiring sporting types to win medals, the site of the proposed athletes’ village was declared to be an industrial wasteland and the project was described by one politician (does it matter which?) as ‘irresistible’. The watching media failed to debate the issues or provide any detailed information

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Intercontinental Anti- 2010 Olympics Movement Launched In Mexico

Indigenous representatives attending an intercontinental Indigenous gathering in Vicam , Sonora Mexico have called for a boycott of the 2010 Olympics Games.

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China to evict petitioners before Olympics

Aggrieved citizens from China's provinces live in a crowded Beijing village while petitioning the government, which plans to raze the village ahead of the Olympics.

For centuries, Chinese with grievances against hometown officials have trekked to Beijing to appeal to central authorities for legal redress. They must often stay for months, or longer, living in petitioners' settlements while they pursue their cases.

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Dome's death riddle

Did the Millennium Dome site kill Joe Ferguson? He spent four years working on a massive clean-up of the poisoned area in Greenwich, South London.

Carcinogenic chemicals, including arsenic and benzene, were dug up from the old gas works - the largest in Europe.

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No Vancouver 2010 Olympics on Stolen Land

The 2010 Winter Olympics, to be held in Vancouver-Whistler from February 12-27, 2010, is today a very real threat to Native peoples, the urban poor (many of whom are also Native), and the environment.

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