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Positive discrimination for disadvantaged athletes

Adedoja Atanda is 13. She likes dance, violin and football and, all things being equal, she is destined to take part in the 2012 Olympics.

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Halifax third quarter house price survey

The report still manages to disappoint with tired cliches in the form of "Olympic effect" quotations, apparently the growth in prices in Tower Hamlets owes nothing to the proximity of the area to City workers and the boom the banking industry has experienced over the past year..


Immigrant construction workers aided

The construction industry's training body is setting up an office in Poland to fast-track migrant workers into Britain.


New challenges in managing mixed use schemes

It is now commonplace that new developments in the Thames Gateway should include a mix of uses, tenures and incomes. To some, mixed use is the solution to the problem of current inadequate housing supply; to others it is a means of delivering sustainable development and sustainable communities.


University of East London expands

With a student population of over 19,000, UEL is undergoing a period of rapid expansion.


Hackney 'slammed'

London's district of Hackney has been slammed as the worst place to live in the UK, according to a poll.

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Twisted Logic

HUGE play slides could be built in Stratford town centre if a conceptual artist has his way.


West Ham stadium games

The sports minister, Richard Caborn said: "There is a very serious negotiation going on between West Ham and the Olympic authorities about the stadium. Talks are going on about whether they could do something similar to Manchester City when they took over the Commonwealth Games stadium in 2002."

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