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The Inspector's report into the 2012 Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order

The Inspector for the Inquiry into the 2012 Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order only produced an advisory report. The final decision was left to the Minister for Communities, then Alastair Darling, who ignored the Inspector's recommendations regarding the Travellers. There was never the remotest chance that the Inspector would not recommend acceptance and even less that Mr Darling would not grant the order. The whole process was a sham.

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UCL Study: Hackney Marsh - Catalyst for Social Cohesions and Transformative Changes

Collaborative study by a group of masters’ students, mostly international, taking the MSc Environment and Sustainable Development at the Development Planning Unit – University College London.

The study, based on fieldwork undertaken in 2008, set out to

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GLA Committe Report into The Legacy of London's Olympic Venues, September 2010

Report by the London Assembly Economic Development, Culture, Sport and Tourism Committee, Legacy United? The Legacy of London's Olympic Venues.

Focuses on the Legacy uses of the Main Stadium and th

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ODA Programme Baseline Report Sep 09

The purpose of this Programme Delivery Baseline report is to provide a summary of
the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) Programme, including scope, schedule, budget
and risk as at 30 September 2009.


Vancouver 2010 expenses report


City of Vancouver releases Olympic expenses

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 by David Eby

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Missed the Goal for Workers: The Reality of Soccer Ball Stitchers in Pakistan, India, China and Thailand

An International Labor Rights Forum report, June 7, 2010

This report presents the key findings of the International Labor Rights Forum’s research in the four largest soccer balls producing countries: Pakistan, India, China and Thailand. This report also highlights the need to rethink the strategies being utilized by companies to encourage suppliers to adhere to strong labor standards.

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Olympic Park Design Wind Turbine Feasibility Report

The East Marsh site, to be used as a temporary coach park during Games, also contains two feasible locations for a further turbine (only one turbine is possible due to limitations on turbine proximity with respect to other turbines), subject to flood risk assessment. Figure 2 shows a constraints diagram for this area produced by Ecotricity. BH/EDAW have identified two specific locations within this area which are suitable for wind turbines

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