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Applicant Cities

The fightback is on - now in San Francisco

Now San Francisco joins all those other cities across Europe, Japan and the United States that don't want to host the Olympics!!

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congratulations Munich

Nolympia coalition partners against Munich 2022 Winter Games bidNolympia coalition partners against Munich 2022 Winter Games bid


#COIgohome - Madrid 2020

After a period of Olympic silence it's kicking off in Madrid at #COIgohome

A small sample of tweets in English - most of the rest, unsurprisingly, are in Spanish!

Mario Cuéllar ?@mcuellarb
#COIgohome Would you mind going away as soon as possible? We do not want the Olympic Games here.

Economía Justa ?@EconomiaJusta
Rather than producing economic benefit, Sydney Games reduced Australian household consumption by $2.1 bill #COIgohome …

AlteaLaFea #14A ?@AlteaLaFea
If there's no money for our children to get a proper public education, there's no money for Olympics #OICGohome #COIgohome

Antonio Barragán Sev ?@ntonioBarragan
#COIgohome @Olympics We want no Olympic Games in Spain. #Madrid2020

agua salada ?@aguasalada12
#COIgohome and please don't come back

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Annecy 2018: 'Crushing Defeat - Victory Celebration!'

At the announcement of the defeat of Annecy's bid to host the 2018 Olympic Games, over 300 anti-JO activists uncorked the champagne out on the mountain meadow. A victory that rewarded two and a half years of struggle.

With only seven votes of IOC members from 95 is a real slap in the face which was announced on July 6, 2011 for the bid of Annecy 2018. Since 1988, only Osaka was "better" with 6 votes for the 2008 Olympics. For Métral Guy, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Savoie, "the defeat of Annecy is a blow" . Charles Beigbeder, chairman of the Annecy 2018 bid, said he was "extremely disappointed". For Chantal Jouanno, Minister for Sport, "it's hard to take for French sport, because our sport does not deserve this" . For Guy Drut, a member of the French bid, "it's a very, very cold shower " . France tonight and JDD pronounced it "a fiasco" . Over 300 anti-JO present were out on the meadow uncorking the champagne and celebrating.

Cuisante défaite d'Annecy 2018 : les anti-JO exultent ! from La Voix des Allobroges on Vimeo.

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Chicagoist: Ready to Host the Olympics?

Flagged up on, stablemate of the popular Londonist blog the Chicagoist asks:

Is Chicago Ready to Host the Olympics?

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Chicago 2016 Admits Lying to Public

As reported by Crain’s Chicago Business reporter, Greg Hinz:

Olympic chief admits errors, but promises full disclosure

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2016 Bid cities told ' No financial guarantee, no olympics'.

Chicago's 2016 bid committee hopes the 80 pages of information it sent last week to the International Olympic Committee will help distinguish the quality of the city's Summer Olympic bid from those of its six rivals. After all, the IOC will pick finalist cities in June largely on the basis of that information.

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2016 Olympics is Chicago's to lose

The American city of Chicago is such a hot favourite to win the right to host the 2016 Summer Olympics that only they can mess it up, a senior International Olympic Committee (IOC) member told AFP.

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