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Commonwealth Games

By Any Means Necessary: Urban Regeneration and the “State of Exception” in Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games 2014

Antipode Vol. 00 No. 0 2014 ISSN 0066-4812, pp 1–21
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By Any Means Necessary: Urban
Regeneration and the “State of
Exception” in Glasgow’s

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Glasgow’s new urban frontier: ‘Civilising’ the population of ‘Glasgow East’

To cite this article: Neil Gray & Gerry Mooney (2011) Glasgow’s new urban frontier: ‘Civilising’ the
population of ‘Glasgow East’
, City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 15:1,

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The fire burns on - Poverty Olympics torch in Dalmarnock, Glasgow

Poverty Olympics torch handover in GlasgowPoverty Olympics torch handover in Glasgow

The Vancouver Poverty Olympics torch finally made it to a mega event in Britain with its first stop in Glasgow. The mainstream media, true to form, failed to show up to record the event. But GamesMonitor2014 were there to report despite their absence:

'Something did happen today in the East End and GamesMonitor2014 were there to record it The Jaconelli family, Save the Accord Campaigners, the Glasgow Anti-Eviction Alliance and the Scottish Tenants Organisation all marched in solidarity with supporters over the decimation of community in Dalmarnock.'

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Glasgow Commonwealth Games land deals under investigation

Following the eviction of the Jaconellis from their home to make way for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games questions are finally being asked about land deals which netted property developers millions of pounds in profit.

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No Accord at Glasgow Commonwealth Games

save the accord demo

What with the focus on London 2012 we don't hear much about the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. But true to mega event form they are having their own negative impacts on some particularly vulnerable Glasgow residents.

On 27th August supporters of the Save the Accord Centre held a demonstration attended by around 500 people. This will be followed by a Glasgow Games Monitor 2014 Event: Whose Legacy? on 21st October, which will include an introductory talk by Libby Porter and Neil Gray, both from Glasgow University, on the Legacy from Mega Events, discussion with carers and the recently evicted Margaret Jaconelli and film shows.

The Accord Centre carers issued the following statement to accompany their demonstration:

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Jaconellis fight on after eviction

The Jaconellis, the last people living on the site of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, were finally evicted on 24th March. Mrs Jaconelli insisted 'I will wait in the house till they come and put me out because I think Glasgow City Council should be shamed.'

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Commonwealth Games Human Rights Neglect


On Tuesday the 15th of March, CWG2010 number crunching: Some stats revealing some relative costings in the Glascow Commonwealth Games 2014 Compulsory Purchase of Margaret Jaconelli's propertyCWG2010 number crunching: Some stats revealing some relative costings in the Compulsory Purchase of Margaret Jaconelli's property a home-owner in the way of development for the Commonwealth Games Village will make a second appeal to the court of session to request that she is adequately compensated for the home she owns on Ardenlea street which Glasgow City Council is forcing her to leave using compulsory purchase powers. If unsuccessful, Margaret Jaconelli will be evicted from her home on Thursday, 17th March.

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'A wee person' to be evicted for Glasgow Games

‘Just a person in a wee flat’ Margaret Jaconelli, the last person left living on the site of the Athletes’ Village for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, has been told she will be evicted. She protests that she has been offered totally inadequate compensation for the compulsory purchase of her flat and will be unable to buy a replacement property.

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