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London 2012: one big party or one big prison?

By Mike Wells

Security precautions for London 2012 include the construction of a 17.5 km, 5,000volt electric fence, topped with 900 daylight and night vision surveillance cameras spaced at 50 metre intervals. On first sight of the fence you could be forgiven for thinking you had slipped through a wormhole in the space-time continuum to find yourself on the perimeter of a Soviet era Gulag.

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Chicago 2016 Admits Lying to Public

As reported by Crain’s Chicago Business reporter, Greg Hinz:

Olympic chief admits errors, but promises full disclosure

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Olympic Boroughs' hidden spending spree

Recent Freedom of Information responses from 2012 Olympics 'host boroughs' confirm the suspicion that local council funds and resources are being diverted into Olympics matters in ways that are not easily identifiable or accounted for. The lack of transparency and thorough accounting procedures make it almost impossible to calculate how much council tax payers are contributing to the 2012 Olympics as a whole, over and above the highly publicised £9.3billion budget.

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REAPing the Olympic park!

After writing about the new and reduced park I found myself involved in an email discussion about replacement funding. At the risk of repeating myself I thought part of it deserved a little airing. Below is part of an email from a Hackney Councillor, Christine Boyd, in response to a discussion about REAP funding which was meant to compensate local communities, notably at Hackney Wick, for loss of open space.

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Very critical House of Commons Select Committee Olympic report published

On 23 April 2008 the House of Commons Select Committee responsible for reviewing the performance of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published its report London 2012 Games: The next lap. This report contains the following judgements.

.."such a radical revision of cost estimates has been damaging to confidence in the management of the overall programme. It has also exposed the Government and Games organisers to the charge that the initial bid was kept artificially low in order to win public support."

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The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to be used as Trojan Horse for Home Counties tax hike for more Olympics funds

NEW council tax rises may be needed to fund the 2012 Olympics and its aftermath, it has emerged. A leaked report and parliamentary answers suggest that not only will households in London be affected, but also taxpayers in the surrounding counties, including Essex and Hertfordshire.

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Olympics double whammy for Wales says Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price

COMMUNITY projects in the poorest parts of Wales will suffer a double whammy thanks to a decision to divert large amounts of Lottery funding to the London Olympics, a Welsh MP has claimed.

Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price said research by Alliance, the coalfield communities campaign representing local authorities in former mining areas, suggested projects in Wales would lose £107m as a result.

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A Flame To Burn Us All

Minister for the Olympics and London Tessa Jowell claimed on Monday [10th December 2007] that the 2012 Games have "high levels of public support".

Well, she would say that, wouldn't she?

In truth, reaction to the Government's announcement it was presenting the nation with accurate costings for the 2012 London Olympics was, to say the least, mixed.

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