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Vancouver 2010

The Five Ring Circus - Myths and realities of the Olympic Games

"The Olympic Games, once considered the pinnacle of athleticism and fair play, have become a cesspool of greed, backroom deals and the wholesale trampling of civil liberties. In Vancouver, preparations for the 2010 Games have had a substantial negative impact on the environment and have resulted in the 'economic cleansing' of the poor and homeless.

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They didn't blame it on the snowboarder

Norwegian snowboarding medal hope Torstein Horgmo has been ruled out of Sochi2014 after breaking his collar bone in an accident on the slopestyle course.

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Delivering Mass Sports Programmes

Promises, promises

"There's a direct link between elite success and participation in sport”

David Cameron 12 Aug 2012

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How I was spied on by the RCMP

by Jeff Davis, a librarian living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In the lead-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, the RCMP stepped up its surveillance of the radical left in Vancouver. After all, they knew a bunch of activists and anti-capitalists were organizing to oppose the Games, and when you’re throwing a multi-billion-dollar party, it looks bad when people start drawing attention to inconvenient truths like the criminalization of poverty, the erosion of civil liberties, corporate profiteering, and massive public debt.

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After Vancouver: That Olympic sinking feeling

Following reports of Vancouver's downgrade to being the world's former 'most liveable city' news comes from @bobmackin that British Columbia is no longer the self-proclaimed 'Best Place on Earth'!


world class downgrade

There'd've been more than a little hype about the 2010 Winter Olympics contributing to maintaining Vancouver's hallowed status not just as a 'world class city' but as the world's most 'liveable'? Whilst there's no specific mention of any Olympics effect, it's been downgraded according to The Economist.

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Not the Olympics: Vancouver tourism depends on convention centre

The second summer followng the Winter Olympics of 2010 has shown a fall in overnight stays in Vancouver. Instead of a legacy from the Olympics tourism has depended on the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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The Internal Tourism Experience

Cover image of <em>Philosophy of Olympism</em>, Ljubodrag SimonovicCover image of Philosophy of Olympism, Ljubodrag Simonovic

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