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Olympics - bringing peace through 155mm howitzers

"Samsung is honoured to continue to support the Olympic Games for another eight years. We strongly believe that the sponsorship will not only enhance our brand image but also help promote our corporate values that celebrate peace, encourage friendly competition and promote unity among people of all cultures."
'Samsung lined up for London', London2012 press release

Ponder that as you watch this promotional video for Samsung Techwin. Apparently 'technology will be the strength that guards peace'. And they don't mean noise-cancelling headphones.

Watch out for the sinister 'Surveillance Sentry Robot' at 6:30 - with the capability to 'suppress moving objects when necessary'. Could be handy around the London Olympics site as they step up the security - Samsung suggest the Guardbots could find an application around sensitive areas such as industrial installations and shipyards.

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2012 Olympics blind eye on Beijing abuse

Despite the constant flow of reports from China of human rights abuses, evictions, beatings, arrests and the imprisonment of protesters in the run up to the 2008 Olympic Games Britain’s political and sports elites continue to fawn over the Beijing Olympics. Whereas the United States and the EU, along with human rights organisations, are reported to be protesting at the arrest of a prominent human rights activist, Hu Jia, the Chinese Xinhua Agency (see below) is delighted to be able to report the enthusiastic support offered by the likes of Coe, Brown and Livingstone.

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Beijing 2008 Games Boycott alerts

A few days ago, about 30 police officers broke into the home of Chinese activist Hu Jia and took him away. His wife, fellow activist Zeng Jinyan, is now under house arrest. At least 10 security personnel guard her home. Mr Hu's arrest comes as China celebrates the start of one of its most important years in recent history.

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Unique albino deer herd threatened by developers in upstate New York

any rare and ultra-photogenic endangered species in Olympic lands that could aid the campaign?

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