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Belching the devil: another friend of the Olympics

Along with Rio Tinto another well known and long standing friend of the Olympics and sponsor of London 2012 is Coca Cola, aka Killer Coke, which is being sued in the United States by trade unions acting on behalf of workers and trade unionists in Turkey, Colombia and Guatemala.

Regarding its sponsorship of the Olympics Coke says 'we are committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles.'

The IOC's Jackie Rogge said: 'Because the Olympic Family and Coca-Cola share the values of Olympism at their deepest level, this is a natural partnership that we hold most dearly.'

Lord LoCoe declared: 'The sponsor family is absolutely vital to the success of London 2012. The Games would not be able to happen without the products and services they provide.'

The action filed on behalf of Guatemalan trade unionists states: 'This case involves a campaign of violence - including rape, murder, and attempted murder - against trade unionists and their families at the behest of the management of Coca-Cola bottling and processing plants in Guatemala.'

Maybe these are the kind of values, services and active, healthy lifestyles Coke, SLoCoe and Jackie Slogger had in mind.

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