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Evictions, Environmental Damage? Everything's going to plan at Sochi

The IOC has said ‘there are no real burning issues’at Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. So no worries about evictions and environmental damage?

According to the IOC's Jean-Claude Killy: “They are showing the whole world what they are capable of,” Killy said. “The IOC truly believes in the abilities of the organizing committee.”

Is that a comfort?

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No burning issues? Stolen native land, water contamination...

@nosochi2014 has tweeted a report from environmental-watch-on-north-caucasus about the decision to move a controversial waste landfill to the mountains of Sochi, right near several sites of drinking water intake that feed half of the city’s population.

'The Kamensky quarry lies in the porous limestone topography right next to two active sites of water intake. According to the Sochi city plan, this area falls into the sanitary protection zone of Mzymta river underground water reservoir. The reservoir, which stretches along the river and provides water for the majority of Sochi’s population.'

In addition, the Olympics is once again taking place on disputed land. Just as Vancouver2010 was held on stolen native land so Sochi and the surrounding part of the North Caucasus is also the ancestral home of the Circassians, a people driven out and massacred by the Russians in the 1860s and 1870s. This ethnic cleansing has recently been recognised as genocide by the Georgian Parliament.