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A police welcome to the Olympic Park

CARP, the Carpenters campaign against demolition of the estate, was holding a film show outside the Carpenters Arms. I had wandered off and found a blocked off road with a sign which said 'Welcome to the Olympic Park'. It was so ridiculous that I decided to take a photo. Just as I was doing this a police car pulled up and a policeman leaned out and asked:

"What are you up to fella?"

"Fella?" I asked.

"Yes, fella, it's a term of endearment! What are you doing?"

"I'm taking a photograph."

"What of? Given the sensitivity of the area."

"This blocked off road."

"It is now."

"Yes, now it's a blocked road."


"Because it says 'Welcome to the Olympic Park'. It's funny"

"Oh, ok. I wasn't trying to be funny."


Here's the welcome to the Park:

Welcome to the Olympic ParkWelcome to the Olympic Park

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