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In 2007, the last Government diverted funds from the Big Lottery Fund to help pay for the 2012 Olympics. The funds were promised to be paid back after the Olympics are completed. In response to making sure this happens as planned, DSC has launched a new campaign, The Big Lottery Refund demanding all the funds be returned when promised. See also Directory of Social Change
"London 2012: A Games for the Rich The 2012 London Olympics has turned into a farce before it has even begun. It appears that up to a million people have been unsuccessful in getting tickets."
In late 2003, twenty families from the Hackney council site and fifteen families from the Newham council site first heard they would need to move to make way for either the Olympics, or for the regeneration of East London. This was the beginning of 5 stressful and uncertain years for the families.
This labour of love contains a section 'London 2012'. An excellent piece of photojournalism about the Olympic site before redvelopment.
Connects to a range of agencies which are engaged in the roll out of the London Olympics.
Access to the original Bid Documentation
London Olympics site information
Site criticising the financial impact of London 2012 and particularly the loading of the costs and risks onto Londoners.
NOGOE is a pressure group opposed to the use of Greenwich Park as the venue for the 2012 equestrian events
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"Our totally UNOFFICIAL 2012 London Olympics news forum is aimed at becoming a young, vibrant, and totally THE UNOFFICIAL 2012 London Olympics forum to visit - We aim to provide high quality, accurate, informative, and useful information to any visitors wishing to visit London and watch the London Olympic games in 2012... As to us, we are a dedicated team of Olympic enthusiasts keen to do our bit for the UK to promote the future 2012 London Olympic games, please note that we are not a multi-million £££ corporate business, and yes we do all have our own day jobs."