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Beijing Olympics: How's this for cost inflation?

@bobmackin: Beijing wrestles with $70B (ca £40B) bill for 2008 #Olympics. Yes, $70B. Earlier invoice: £20B

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Not the Olympics: Vancouver tourism depends on convention centre

The second summer followng the Winter Olympics of 2010 has shown a fall in overnight stays in Vancouver. Instead of a legacy from the Olympics tourism has depended on the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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going for the burn

Dave Hill's been tweeting that he's found a couple of the people he's been interviewing around Clarence Rd who've made mention of lack of the fabled Olympics job opportunities as one of the underliers explaining our rioting. Although pop-up looting might perhaps be an expression more appropriate to the ears of those aspirational about the Olympiad?

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willy the whale

...beached in Westminsterbeached in Westminstergotta love those LOCOG visioneers sometimes!

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that's a wrap then

On twitter from @LONDON2012:

LOCOG has chosen US-based silicone textile producer Dow Corning to sponsor the 2012 Olympic Stadium wrap

Perhaps no surprise since Dow remain one of the IOC's TOP sponsors, who'll no doubt be wanting to remind us of their continuing obligations and responsibilities to the people of Bhopal.

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what's wrong with mcdonalds

It's hard to imagine there won't be a new edition, but meanwhile a trip down memory lane. (Advisory: This was a specialist publication written in 1986 and not intended for distribution on the streets)

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