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The Real Continuity IOC proclaims the closing of the Olympics on Friday 27 July!

27 Jul 2012 - 12:00
27 Jul 2012 - 23:59


On Friday 27th July, the day on which elsewhere in England’s capital, the official Olympic Opening Ceremony will be firing fireworks, parading parades and jollifying the masses, The Real Continuity IOC (facilitated and sponsored by Grunts for the Arts) will perform a ceremony of our own. Through the actions of ourselves, yourselves, and many others besides, the opening ceremony will be invalidated through the simultaneous ritualistic procession of our own Closing Ceremony through the streets of London…..

The Real Continuity IOC proclaims the closing of the Olympics on Friday 27 July!

But… as with everything we do, we need your help to make it happen..

Perhaps you want to help out with the demarcation and maintenance of The Olympics Free Zone in which nothing vaguely Olympian will be permitted; or maybe you’d like to challenge the demands for celebratory art works made by the Cultural Olympiad by presenting the most miserable manifestations of your creativity under the banner of ‘Artists Taking the Bait’; or perhaps you want to help distribute materials from the The Official Olympic Partner Identification project. Maybe you even have your own take on Danny Boyle’s vision of a green and pleasant land? Or perhaps something else entirely takes your fancy (maybe you just want to come for the party?).

Whatever might have got your Olympian goat; if you can express the solution it in a form that can parade, then drop us an e-mail and join us on the 27th.

Any ideas most welcome.
Grunts for the Arts propose (and then quickly disclaim)

The Real Continuity IOC…


London 2012. Not a good thing.

At first the call echoed around Britain’s streets as just the quietest of whispers; as little more than a breath of dissent; as a quiet – yet firmly insistent – call for justice and rectitude. But the breath became a wind, the wind became a storm, and now the gales batter the Olympic beast as it circles in the skies above, waiting to swoop down, settle in, and savage our fair land…

With this as the context, and in the spirit of accommodating Olympics related dissent for which we have become nearly famous, Grunts for the Arts, with unlimited jubilance, astonishing athleticism and the most charming of grins, are overjoyed to announce our plans to save the nation.

We will annul the Olympics!

Get in touch by Friday 13th July at, explore the rest of the website or follow us on Twitter, @gruntsfortheart (no ‘s’ cos Twitter don’t like it…)