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Hackney Travellers Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

Hackney Travellers Relocation Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the London Development Agency (LDA)?

The LDA is the Mayor of London's agency for sustainable economic growth and is working to build a thriving economy for London's communities and businesses.

The LDA has the responsibility of acquiring land for the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. To do this we are working with the people who currently live and run businesses on the Olympic Park site to find new homes and business premises by July 2007.

What is the Traveller relocation process?

There are currently two licensed Traveller and Gypsy sites within the Olympic Park site, one of which is Waterden Crescent in the London Borough of Hackney, with the other in Newham. The LDA has been working with Hackney Council and the Traveller families to relocate those families living at Waterden Crescent to new sites within Hackney. These planning applications are in relation to the Waterden Road Traveller site.

How many families are being relocated?

20 Traveller families of Irish Traveller heritage need to be relocated. They have been living at Waterden Crescent on Waterden Road for 13 years, which is a Hackney Council licensed site.

Why does the Traveller site need to be relocated?

The current Traveller site needs to be relocated because it is located within the area required for the Olympic Park. The LDA is working with all residents and businesses that are within the Olympic Park area to relocate them by July 2007.

Under the Race Relations Act, Travellers of Irish and Romani Gypsy heritage are officially recognised as ethnic groups. The Housing Act 2004 and Department of Communities and Local Government Circular give Councils a duty to assess Traveller needs and provide appropriate sites for them to live in.

Will there be any benefit to the local community?

The Travellers live on an area of land that is crucial to the Olympic Park and the legacy development. The regeneration of the area can only happen if we relocate the Traveller families to new sites ahead of the Games. The regeneration plans for the area will bring long-term benefits to the local community. There will be new state of the art sports facilities, new parkland and thousands of new jobs and homes as part of the Olympic Legacy plan.

Where can I find out more information?

Please contact our Community Relations Team on 0800 377 7346 or visit





Where will be the new Traveller sites be?

Following consultation with Hackney Council and the Travellers families, it has been agreed that the current site would be split into three new sites. The LDA has already submitted two planning applications to Hackney Council for new Traveller sites: one on Homerton Road and one on Wallis Road. A third traveller site is being proposed on Millfields Road Depot, however the details of this site have yet to be finalised.

Homerton Road Site

Where is the site located?

The Homerton Road site is on part of the disused Hackney Depot site, adjacent to Hackney

Marshes, and will accommodate seven pitches.

How will the site be accessed?

A new access road will serve the travellers site. This access road does not affect the nearby Tree

Nursery and Sensory Garden.

Are any trees or planting affected by this proposal?

The LDA is working to minimise the impact on any trees in the area and would carry out planting

and landscaping around the site.

Wallis Road Site

Where is the site located? The Wallis Road site is near to Hackney Wick train station and will accommodate six pitches.

What is currently there? The LDA is working with the few businesses that are currently based on this site to relocate them.

Millfields Road Depot Site

Where is the site located?

The Millfields Road Depot is south of the South Millfields Park on Millfields Road in the Lea

Bridge area. This site will accommodate seven pitches.

What is currently there? The site is currently a Hackney Council domestic waste and recycling depot.

What will happen to the existing Depot?

The waste transfer facility would be moved to the far northern end of the site. This will reduce the impact of current waste operations on local residents and allow for the development of moving waste by water. The residential development will be carried out on the western part of the current depot site.

When are you going to submit a planning application for this site? Further design work and site feasibility studies are currently being carried out before the submission of a planning application. We will be consulting with local residents once the planning application once the detailed plans have been drawn up.




Waterden Crescent Relocation Proposals

Source: Leaflet picked up at LDA "drop-in" session on 24/1/7

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