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Mega-projects research centre

A new research centre is aiming to develop better ways of keeping large-scale projects on track.

The traditional tools and techniques of project management are no longer sufficient for the complex task of major programme management, according to BT which is setting up the centre with the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

Major programmes - such as the Olympics - are complex, expensive, long-term and have become more common in recent years but there is a shortage of people trained to deal with such mammoth ventures.

Three out of five UK managers said they feel the present level of educational activity is inadequate for the needs of major projects, according to a survey by the Saïd Business School.

The research found that 23 per cent of projects do not effectively identify milestones, and less than half of programmes had any formal audits scheduled.

Professor Colin Mayer, dean of the Saïd Business School, said there is a professional need for high level research and education in programme management which is not currently being served by any global business school.

The 'BT Centre for Major Programme Management' will draw together the expertise within the business school and the broader university, within departments such as engineering, computer science and law.

The research centre is expected to be fully operational in 2008 and will also start to offer an MSc in major programme management in the autumn of next year.

Source: Mega-projects research centre unveiled, Gemma Simpson, 13 March 2007,

From an alert from Professor Kris Olds

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