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2012 Construction

Fatter fans to get wider seats at London Olympic pool

Wider seats have been specified for the London 2012 Olympics so that Britain’s growing population can squeeze in to watch the swimming and diving during the games.

Edwin Shirley Staging business development director Jeff Burke said that although the initial capital cost is greater, the ODA’s decision to go with larger seats made good business sense.

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Corruption endemic in the construction industry

Extract from the transcript of : File on 4: The building boom's true cost: Broadcast on BBC Radio 4; Tuesday 10 July, 2007.

With Britain in the middle of a construction boom, Julian O'Halloran investigates claims of cartels and price rigging and assesses how much such practices are adding to the final bills paid by UK plc.

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London construction inflation triples

Construction inflation in London is set to rise by three times the rate of consumer inflation over the next two years, says EC Harris.

The international consultancy's latest Economic Survey shows that building tender price inflation in London is forecast to run at 6.3% over the next year and by 6.5% the following year, some three times the expected rate of consumer price inflation.


Shortfall of skilled workers likely

Britain is facing a huge skills shortage that could undermine the success of the Olympics. The country urgently needs thousands more electricians, plumbers and bricklayers if the games are to be ready on time. Even if it finds them, there are not enough qualified chefs, security staff or cleaners either.

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Cheap labour poses risks to construction jobs

The London Olympics is in danger of being tarnished by the use of cheap migrant labour said Jim Sheridan, Labour MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire North, as he moved a 10-Minute Rule Bill in Parliament on 13 June.

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Masterplanners quit over 'dumbing down' of design

Foreign Office Architects (FOA), the creative leader of the group designing the Olympic park, has quit the masterplanning team. The firm walked out on the consortium last week over what are understood to be fears that the design quality of the plan had been dumbed down.

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Contamination and Controversy in the Olympic Park

© Mike Wells, 0 77 99 152 888,


For more than a century what will be the Olympic Park was home to some of the nation’s dirtiest industries. Within, and surrounding, what will be the Olympic Park some 7,500 people were employed in the chemicals industry. A new document reveals a second case of radioactive waste dumped in 1953 in a former landfill site within the Park. An Environment Agency analysis shows higher than normal levels of radioactive material in the River Lee. The article examines the historical information available, includes quotes from experts and lawyers, and is critical of the LDA’s work in the Park, which local residents fear puts them at risk. Mike Wells is also a photographer. The article comes with photographs.

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The Prescott Channel Scam

Massimo Allamandola has at last been able to bring to my attention the report, which I have attached below, about the response in Nov 2005, by the 'Regents Network' of canal users to British Waterways proposal to impound the River Lea by building a 'Water Control Structure' at Prescott Channel.

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