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2012 Construction

Unite trade union say European Court judgement could derail the London Olympics

A judgement made today by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could mean that London’s Olympics will either be built on poverty wages or not at all as industrial unrest spreads, say Unite, the UK’s largest trade union.

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A Construction Industry View

If greed is good, then the construction industry is a great place to be virtuous. The typical director takes home £400,000 a year more than he did in 1995, while employees’ wages have gone up nearly 75%. Indeed, the past decade or so has been extraordinarily kind to construction. Margins across the industry have more than doubled. Even contracting margins, which look so lowly when compared with the rest of British industry, have risen from an average of 0.8% to 2.4%.

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The Olympic ground beneath our feet

Tunnel collapse site 2Tunnel collapse site 2

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Seeing what is happening on site

Photo © Conrad ChuaPhoto © Conrad Chua

Many of us in the local community are appalled by the blank wall of indifference which the ODA consistently puts up when outsiders wish to ask about what lies behind their barrage of PR hype about the project. The only occasions when they are put under pressure to answer awkward questions is when their apparatchiks are called before Parliamentary Select Committees.


Walking the site with Iain Sinclair

"Right," said Sinclair, straightening up. "Are you ready for the zone? From here on in it's pure Tarkovsky." And so it was. Light-industrial spaces, car-wrecker's yards, square-windowed studios, haulage depots. Then, a mile further on, we hit the fence.


Recent aerial photos of the Olympic site

Warehouse Fire: photo by Martin SlavinOlympic Park Warehouse Fire: 12 Nov 2007 photo by Martin Slavin
Browsing the web recently for pictures of the Olympic site I came across these aerial views by Darren Lewis taken for the ODA by the look of it.

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Dome's death riddle

Did the Millennium Dome site kill Joe Ferguson? He spent four years working on a massive clean-up of the poisoned area in Greenwich, South London.

Carcinogenic chemicals, including arsenic and benzene, were dug up from the old gas works - the largest in Europe.

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Childrens view of Olympic construction

In Stratford, east London, the thunder of construction work is fast becoming the soundtrack of the lives of local residents, as building work for the Olympics gets into full swing. Orphee Tshiyamba, a 10-year-old who lives on a local housing estate, cannot walk to school the way she used to. The road has been closed to build a new through-road connecting Stratford old town to the future Olympic site.

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