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Building solidarity

... rather than playing into that eminently regeneration game of 'sustainable communities' and 'dangerous classes', it seems to me that the whole idea of a 'People's Plan' needs to be predicated on contact and awareness between the many different groups and individuals in this area who have the most to lose from the Olympics happening.

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Travellers and residents object to move

MACHINERY has been digging up small parts of a Stratford park, prompting fears that the land is being prepared for building work even before permission has been granted.

The London Development Agency (LDA) has applied to demolish a playground, community centre and sports pitches in Major Road to make way for travellers who are being forced off their Clays Lane home on the Olympic site.


Workers oppose East London Line privatisation

About 24 Tube workers have lobbied the London Labour Party Conference against plans to hand operations for the East London Line to a private company. The workers were from the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union and Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA). RMT and TSSA union leaders Bob Crow and Gerry Doherty urged delegates to oppose Transport for London's (TfL) plans.


ODA applies for planning permission from itself

Here is a recent example of the Olympic Development Authority going through the charade of applying for planning permission from themselves.

Below are extracts from the first two pages of their report which accompany their application.

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Relocation double standards

Readers will be glad to know that Great Creasted Newts are being granted a six month consultation period and, presumably, a carefully supervised relocation. Residents at Clays Lane don't even have the protection of a relocation strategy.


Clays Lane planning deception

Having spoken to a planning decisions officer for the ODA I now find not only is the relocation strategy not agreed but it is not even required as it was submitted under the original planning permissions which lapsed in January 2006 when new proposals were put forward. This was at exactly the same time as JPAT was consulting on the relocation strategy! So we were responding to a strategy which was already dead. No-one told us this and in fact we have been told over the past few months that the strategy was in force even though it was not approved. Now it appears it didn't even exist and was not even required.

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