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Habitat and wildlife

Raiding the piggy bank

Dave Lee's The Olympic Borough has an exclusive one day in advance of the next Save Wanstead Flats public meeting. His FoI request reveals that t

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Making noises on that coiltrumpet

On the Newsgroup Charlie points out it's last chance to object to the Planning Application (application ref 10/90250/FULODA ) for the 'Snorbit'

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Olympic wind turbine plans scrapped

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has scrapped plans for a wind turbine on the Olympic Park site.

The turbine had been proposed for Eton Manor in the north of the site as part of the ODA’s target to deliver 20% of the Olympic Park’s legacy energy requirements from renewable sources from 2014 onwards when the site is fully operational.

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Report of Bird Counts at East Marsh and Eton Manor 2008

This report presents the results of 12 month bird counts at Eton Manor and East Marsh during 2008 undertaken to inform the impact assessments of the proposed Olympic wind turbines.

Contrary to the claims made by Jules Pipe / Hackney Council, it does NOT conclude that an 'Olympic' wind turbine on East Marsh would not affect the area's bird population. It confirms that large numbers of birds of 72 species regularly pass through the area affected by the wind turbine proposals at Eton Manor and East Marsh. 11 species of conservation concern including 8 protected species were recorded. These will be vulnerable to disturbance and have already suffered habitat disruption and loss of nesting sites through the Olympic development. A diagram of flight directions of flocks shows them passing close to the proposed turbine locations.

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A windmill on East Marsh? Some questions from HMUG

Reproduced here is the letter sent to the Hackney Gazette from Hackney Marshes User Group. Please note that the final sentence was edited by the Gazette such that it's meaning was lost when published in the print edition of Thursday 5th November 2009.

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Chicago gets that Bully Fen feeling

nogameschicago reports:

City and 2016 Destroy Parks – It’s Just the Start, Folks

August 4, 2009

As reported on the Save Michael Reese Hospital web site:

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