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Delhi Commonwealth Games village 'unfit for athletes'

Scotland's Commonwealth Games team have said accommodation allocated to them in the Games village in Delhi was "unsafe and unfit for human habitation." Team Scotland were reallocated finished accommodation after complaining to the Games organising committee - but even the new apartments required "serious cleaning and maintenance" to bring them up to Games ready standards.

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Not only but also in Nigeria

We're now all quite familiar with the fact that Mega Events invariably go way over budget. insideworldfootball has the latest, revealing FIFA under-17 World Cup cost more than double the budget

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Time bomb in an athlete's mouth!

Ouch! Elite athletes get toothache like the rest of us. In fact they may have worse teeth than most. Dentist Tony Clough says: ‘A major, or key, problem is dehydration and rehydration. Athletes use sugary, acidic drinks for rapid rehydration and this obviously impacts on their oral health so we are offering fluoride mouthwash advice, too. I learned from Vancouver that you’ve got to look inside an athlete’s mouth and ask the question, is there anything in here that’s a time bomb?

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World Cup delivers binge benefits

I take it back. There really are benefits from Mega Sports Events. "The World Cup has certainly been a benefit to Britain's beer sector and we can now hope that the market is starting to turn a corner," said the British Beer and Pub Association chief executive Brigid Simmonds.

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Unpaid McJobs Available in the Olympics

Olympics McJobs: photo: fakelvis  on Flickrphoto: fakelvis on Flickr

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Bringing Bhopal to Bow?

Dow Chemicals are to be announced as the IOC's new Global Partner?

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ODA air quality non-compliance could raise budget with £300m EU fine

In a long running story already reported on Games Monitor the green credentials of the 2012 Olympics have come under further strain as the Olympic Delivery Authority continues to refuse to fit polluting non road mobile machinery (NRMM) with exhaust after treatment. While the rest of the UK has complied with European air quality standards London has failed to do so.

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LOCOG's Food Vision 'completely out of touch'

Local food suppliers and health and animal welfare campaigners have criticised LOCOG’s recently issued Food Vision. LOCOG claims it will 'showcase the best of British food in 2012'. However, Compassion in World Farming and the RSPCA disagree. Rowen West-Henzell, Compassion in World Farming’s Head of Food Business said: "The resulting food vision is conspicuous - not for being visionary, but for being completely out of touch with the growing food culture in Britain and what, as a nation, we might wish to eat at our Games." The British Heart Foundation complain that about 3 million of the 14 million meals will be served by McDonalds. Ruairi O'Connor, head of policy at the British Heart Foundation, said: "Health does not seem to be high on the agenda."

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