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London 2012

Newham's Olympic clock-up in Stratford

The Olympic countdown clock is 48 days out The official countdown clock for the London Olympics is running 48 days fast.

Embarrassed officials today admitted that anyone taking notice of the timepiece would turn up on Friday 8 June, 2012. But they would have to wait until 27 July for the opening ceremony.


The Five Ring Circus of greedy fools

After the grisly experience of the Millennium Dome, you might have thought that this government would have been once burnt, twice shy of the construction and mass entertainment business.

After the money-guzzling, credibility-munching monster that was the dome, Tony Blair half-apologised for that fiasco and sighed that there would be 'lessons to be learnt' about the running of large infrastructure projects. Well, if remedial classes in event management and construction ever happened, no one involved with the Olympics seems to have attended them. The disaster that was the dome is now being replicated on an even more gargantuan scale on the other side of the Thames.


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