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The Olympics site is eating into east London's green spaces

American landscape architects are promising east Londoners a park that will be "equivalent to Hyde Park" and "will give the area an equal weight to the west" (Olympics will leave east London an open space to rival Hyde Park, March 17). However, there are fundamental questions about the way the park and its surrounding developments are being planned that your article fails to address.

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A peer gets confused about Clays Lane.

The website ‘They work for you’, referring to the various members of Parliament, Lords and Commons, contains some interesting interventions. Among the peers are the party apparatchiks who have been promoted to fill the benches on account of their ‘soundness’. One such is Lord Haworth, a former Secretary to the Parliamentary Labour Party, who made an eccentric contribution to the House of Lords debate on 17th January 2008 concerning the regeneration of the Lea Valley (see his attached speech). He states that his ‘only qualification’ for speaking is that he lived for more than 20 years in the Lower Lea Valley, which suggests that an awful lot of people are better qualified than he to speak on the subject.

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Dalston Lord latches on to Legacy debate

Speech by Lord Low of Dalston, Patron of OPEN, in the House of Lords debate on Thursday 27 March 2008

"To call attention to the case...

...A massively expensive concrete slab over the railway will accommodate an unnecessary and potentially dangerous bus stand, where current routes will be cut short. TfL deployed a kind of circular argument: the bus stand is necessary to enhance the scheme and the scheme is necessary to finance the bus stand. A brutal phalanx of tower blocks of up to twenty storeys will be erected on the slab to help pay for it. These will blight the environment and bring no benefit to the area. Of their 300-odd dwellings, none is to be affordable. This is in direct contravention of the Government's policy as affirmed both in this House and in another place. But when we asked the Secretary of State to use her powers to review the scheme, we were simply told that the transport hub was essential of the Olympics..."

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Canada's poor are not getting adequate housing and a proper poverty reduction strategy

Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, Miloon Kothari

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Beyond Belief in the Olympic Zone

There is a credibility gap between what people in local voluntary bodies have been told by professionals in the Olympic industry and what local volunteers' experiences of outcomes has been. This has happened most to those local voluntary bodies which have been affected by relocations from sites within the boundaries of the Olympic Park.

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Ask a silly (Olympic) question…. 'Parliamentary' answer part 2

Why does an MP ask a question of a Minister? A simple question you might think. Take a look at the following. First is the question asked by Andy Love, Labour MP for Edmonton.

'To ask the Minister for the Olympics how many local authority tenants will be displaced from their housing as a result of the 2012 Olympics; how their housing needs will be met; and if she will make a statement.'

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Community! Community! Wherefore art thou, community?

Who the hell or what the hell does the LDA think is 'the community'? Below is a comment from Martin Slavin of Games Monitor, who tried to follow up an LDA 'consultation' with 'the community'. Sustaining communities was one of the buzzwords used by the LDA to justify its Olympic programme. We know what that meant for Clays Lane. Demolition. What does it mean for the Legacy? Who knows? In this case the community seems to be a few officials who, in all likelihood, do not live where the development is planned. East London is now faced with further ransacking by developers who plan to build skyscrapers fanning out from the City where, incidentally, almost no-one lives. Maybe that is the LDA's perfect community. Banks, offices, council committees and as few residents as possible.

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